Welcome to The Choreography Festival Online

Hello and welcome,

Watson Dance strives to foster a greater artistic experience and a sense of community with the choreographers and dancers. Now more than ever we are craving creative outlets and community to support us through this confusing and anxious time. Although we can’t share the same stage, we can celebrate each others work through the videos posted here.

Dancers and choreographers are some of the most resourceful and resilient group of people that I know. As Dancers we are trained to adapt to all situations, “the show must go on”. As Choreographers it is part of the craft to optimize each and every situation. Many of these talented artists have lost income due to cancellation of events, venues closing, and dance studios closing. Please consider donating to support them.

Enjoy the Show!!

Meet the adjudicators.

Dream State by Kelela Rose Batinga

Dancers: Kelela Rose Batinga, Sarah Hong, Victor Sanchez
Director: Kevin Fernandez Music: “Dream State” Son Lux

Donate to Kelela Rose Batinga via Venmo @Kelela-Batinga

Ajar by Madeline Jazz Harvey

Dancers: Grace Cooper, Brakelle Dobbs, Molly Dowell-Weaver,
Abbey Mann, Morgan Militare, Mia Wilborne
Music: Alexandra Stréliski Automne, La Leçon, Valse pour Maman, New York, Berceuse
Videography: Ron Bend

Cruinniú Gealaí by Katie Tomney

Dancers: Rachel Bakowski, Maya Calvo, Ava Gerstein, Devon Hard, Lauryn Jerz, Athena McCann, Ella Sampson, Kiara Stuart, Sam Tilley
Composers: Leahy, The High Kings, Vanessa-Mae, Bill Whelan, Nick Ingman, Brian Dunphy, Cathal Synnott, Ray Fean, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Music: “Mission”, “The Lonesome Boatman” and “Emerald Tiger”
Videographer: Joyce Miller Lichtenberger


In lieu of donations to myself, I ask that viewers consider making a donation to the other choreographers and to their other favorite artists/companies in order to keep the arts alive through this period of waiting.

Lines and Bounces by Stephanie Golden

Dancers: Alyssa Allen, Brielle Sydow, Cady Seavey, Dustin Durham, Issana To, Prasti Purdum and Tracey Wong (Their bio’s are shown at the end of the video)
Music: “Not the news” Thom Yorke, “Arete” Brambles, “Luminous Beings” Jon Hopkins, “1990” Lake Turner, “New Composition” Garrett Crawford, “La Ritournelle” Sebastian Tellier
Jazzy Photo: Joseph Lambert


Donate to Stephanie Golden

Viate by Joseph Lister

Dancers: Tori Alforque, Allison McCurty, Krista Palmer, Savannah Taylor
Music: “Elergy” Dexter Britian and “Lj” and “In This Room” Travis Lake
Videographer: Duke Lotherington

Donate to Joseph Lister via Venmo @calliopusdance

When I Met Him by Stella Koulouvardi

Dancer: Stella Koulouvardi
Music: “Sing Sing Sing” Benny goodman


Once it All Ends by Leah Zeiger

Dancers: Leah Zeiger, Anna Rodimesteva, Amanda Boike
Music: Original Score by Zane DeBord
Additional Music: “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me – En Vivo” La Santa Cecilia,
“Trust In Me” Etta James, “This Bitter Earth” Dinah Washington
Camera: Lucinda Harstrick; Editing: Alexandra Velasco


Fighting Through Chaos by Rush “Max” Gomez

Dancer: Rush “Max” Gomez
Music: “Defeat You” Smash Mouth

Absorb by Alex Floyd

Dancers: Leslie Augustine, Kerri Leonard, Jessi Nagler, Angela Todaro
Music: Artist: “Enclave” Dust Belt


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The Scars of the Nevers and Maybes by Santiago Rivera

Dancer: Santiago Rivera
Music: Seasons of Love by The Original Cast of RENT


These Things Need to Happen by Maili Schlosser

Choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Sarah Culotta, Makenna LaFortune, Allie Miks
Video and Editing – Adrien Padilla 
Music – “Casa” by Jean-Michel Blais (edited by Maili Schlosser)


Donate to Maili Schlosser via Venmo @Maili-Schlosser

[I’ve never been good with words] by Agustina Miranda

Dancer: Agustina Miranda
Music: “Berlin” Overnight, Max Richter