TCF 2020 is going online!

Watson Dance’s The Choreography Festival is an opportunity for choreographers to get choreographic feedback on their work. Through TCF, Watson Dance strives to foster a greater artistic experience and a sense of community with the choreographers and dancers. Now more than ever we are craving creative outlets and community to support us through this confusing and anxious time. Although we can’t share the same stage, we can see each other and celebrate our work through videos. Every style of dance and every level of choreographer is encouraged to submit. We’re looking for new work, old work, recorded live, dance videos, recorded Zooms!

Participating Artists Must:

  • Keep dance within the 30 minute time frame
  • Be able to confirm that all submitted material is original and owned by the submitting artist
  • Credit all participants in the description of submitted videos
  • Agree that by submitting to The Choreography Festival Online, participants release all rights to their likeness and footage to The Choreography Festival in perpetuity
  • Promote The Choreography Festival Online
  • Understand that while we intend to feature as many artists as possible, we may not be able to accommodate or utilize all submitted material

Participating Artists May:

  • Maintain full ownership of the originally submitted material to use as they wish
  • Add links for donations in the descriptions of the videos submitted
  • Collaborate with others as long as safe and healthy social distancing mandates are observed
  • Define dance and movement in anyway 
  • Have fun!

The Choreography Festival Promises To:

  • Promote the final projects and artists
  • Provide remote support for questions or issues that may arise during the process
  • Support and develop connections made by interested artists

Performance Fees

As part of its mission to serve the community, participation is completely free! There are no application or performance fees.


  • May 2nd – Deadline to submit dance video.
  • May 9th – Live critical review starting at 11am.