Nebula Dance’s HH11Dance Festival

Thank you for considering Watson Dance


Title: “The Duet, solo for 1”

Length: 5 minutes   Music:“Dance me to the Edge of Love”, Leonard Cohen

Number of dancers: 1   Dancers: Irene Watson

Choreography: Irene Watson

Description: Inspired by old school dance memories of being a wall flower and wanting to dance so bad. “The Duet, solo for 1” starts as a solo work and then invites a member of the audience to join me on stage for the duration of the piece. Movement in the first part of the solo will be inspired from popular dance moves, morphing them into a more modern aesthetic. Through performance work I have done for the Disneyland Resort, I’m inspired to incorporate a non-dancer/viewer into my work.  I find it interesting how well people can connect without having to talk and as an artist I like breaking the fourth wall and including the viewer in the art/performnance.

Past Performance: HH11 will be the premier of this work. There is no video footage, but here is a link to other similar work.


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