Morning Boat Residency 2017-2018


Artist Residency in Jersey, UK

Thank you for considering me for your artist residency in Jersey.

Bio and Resume

Interests and Methodology

My choreographic goal is to make dances that the audience can relate to, with dancers/performers that the audience can identify with. Without over-analyzing the meaning behind the movement, I want the audience to simply respond to the dance they observe. I like to work with dancers that wouldn’t normally be included in dance performances, regular people. I believe that local talent adds a quality and an honesty that a typical dancer wouldn’t be able to express.  I’m interested in the everyday, the beauty, humor, drama, etc.

I propose that I create a dance film or series of films about life in Jersey featuring the citizens of Jersey on location throughout Jersey.  Movement would be inspired from the ordinary actions or movements that are done in daily.  After collecting movement inspirations during my research, I would develop them into phrases that would be taught to local performers for filming.  Filming these dances throughout Jersey in non-traditional performance locations would make the films uniquely Jersey. Once complete, the films could be showcased during an event (film festival, screening, dance festival, etc.)

video footage of work


Reasons for Applying

I’m applying for the Morning Boat Residency because I would like to experience a different part of the world and share my work. I don’t expect that Jersey, UK would be vastly different from Los Angeles, California, USA, but enough to appreciate the differences.  I have challenged myself as an artist to take chances and apply for things outside my comfort zone.  I find that in such challenges I am able to grow and refine my artistic vision.

Young Choreographers Project

I am apart of Young Choreographers Project, a inner-city youth choreography mentorship program in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is the mission of YCP to empower young dancers through mentoring and instruction in choreography and dance composition. Young Choreographers Project is a 10-week program where 10-12 dancers (ages 13-18) are each matched with a dance professional for one-on-one coaching. We refer to the students who receive this one-on-one coaching experience as our Young Choreographers (YC’s). Throughout the duration of the program, YC’s are guided by their mentors through the process of creating an original dance piece. At the end of the term our YC’s are given the opportunity to showcase their work, which is performed on stage by their peers.  I have been integral in the creation of the content for the main program, choreography intensive workshops, mentoring the Young Choreographers, and coordination of mentors for the main program.  I would like the youth of Jersey to have the opportunity to have a Young Choreographers Project choreography workshop as part of my residency.  

Personal info

I am married to John Watson, a freelance programer, and mother of two teen-agers (daughter 16, and son 14).  My family is an integral part of my process, I use all three of them to talk through ideas and concepts and experiment with movement on them, especially if I’m using non-trained dancers — none of them are trained dancers.


Obligations that would keep me from traveling;

July 30th – August 6th

One weekend mid-late January 2018 (exact date not determined)

June 2018 10th – 16th

Ideally the best time for me to travel is in the fall (November) and summer (after June 15th)


Thank you.